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Callooh! Callay! Thought Police came 50th place in the Ludum Dare game jam! I am pleased and proud and so happy to have worked on it.

All of the props to Nathan, who did the actual work.

In celebration, here are the remaining characters, Julienne Larbalestier, Chief Gentry and Kayode Mitchell, along with preliminary sketches and Nathan’s moodboards.


Yeah, we totally placed in the top 5%! I’m so glad that our hard work paid off, and I have so much love for the folks who played our game.

Even though the supporting characters get nowhere near as much screen time as Jacek and Alexis, we spent just as much time thinking through their designs (and Aryn spent even more drawing them)!

Julienne Larbalestier is equal parts soft grunge and stone cold motherfucker. Being someone who has the power of apportation, she’s something of an obsessive collector. She has a huge number of jewellery and trinkets, her favourite being the St David’s Cross pendant she always wears.

Both me and Aryn would totally rock her look (though I dunno if I have the body type for it). Even though she’s in the game for maybe 10 lines of Dialogue, she’s firmly become Aryn’s favourite character.


Chief of Police Anthony Gentry (not that his first name is ever stated in game) is a scary guy. Maybe it’s the imposing red suit. Maybe it’s the dark red eyes. Maybe it’s because his tie and waistcoat are etched with ancient demonic sigils.

I was very adamant on him being a silver fox, reminiscent of Aiden Shaw. I have my reasons. His design is very straight and square to give him a rigid, imposing feel, but apparently that kind of design is a pain in the ass for Aryn to ink (I’m so, so sorry).


You thought that third character was another supporting cast member, but IT WAS I, DIO!

Hah, for real though, Kayode Mitchell is probably my favourite character. He’s pretty much exactly how I design my player characters in games that allow me to do so.

In the moodboard I put together a lot of suggestions that he’s forward-fashion, with an emphasis on the hair. We didn’t really go for an androgynous look in the end, but approached something closer to the Sapeur look. Which is wonderfully appropriate for Kayode’s nationality, and a fashion style that I personally adore.

Jacek looks up to this guy a lot, and they’re incredibly close. Which may have been unexpected, considering how different they are!

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